Pool Leaks & Vegetable Soup

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Pool Leaks & Vegetable Soup

July 31, 2018 Pool Problems 0
The vegetable type of “Leek” is good…, especially in a winter supper soup.
(Email in your favourite recipe and we’ll feature here on our Facebook Page.)…Simply
Come Cook Justham style!
Pool Leaks are not good.
Pool Leaks are sneaky…they creep up on you…starting slowly, slowly, slowly …drop by drop by drop.

How to deal with Pool leaks.

Awareness – This is number one… you can’t deal with a leak until you notice it and because leaks are sneaky, it is often more difficult to fix them the more severe it is. Always keep a look out for persistent dampness, dampness in new places and rapid and large drop in water levels.

Where are the most common places for a leak?

1. Split pipes – this does not affect water levels, but it does affect the performance of your pool cleaning machine.
2. O-rings at the pump basket weir. (See our other article on this)
3. Cracks in the pool.
4. Cracks or holes in your underwater piping system – caused by age, roots or an overly enthusiastic garden fork. (Maybe even freaky mutant ninja moles…but we are not sure on this one… it is very unlikely this.)
5. Your backwash pipe not being turned off properly.

How to deal with a leak.

Act as soon as you suspect something. Delaying things just makes it cost more as more damage is done.
Call us in to assess the situation and quote on the solution.
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