How tall would a tower be …?

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How tall would a tower be …?

August 5, 2018 Fun Facts 0

How tall would a tower be …?
If you built it out of 2l milk cartons filled with your pool water?

If your pool is 85 000 litres
The average 2l milk carton is 300mm tall.

85 000 divided by 2 (to get the number of cartons you will need) = 42 500 bottles
Times the number of bottles needed by the height of 1 milk carton.
42 500 x 300mm = 12 750 000 mm
12 750 000 divided by 1000 to get the number of metres = 12 750 meters

Everest is 8848 meters tall … so the tower you build would be taller than Mount Everest.

Makes you think…

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